Woven Bag Parameter

Common woven fabric density is 36x36 root/10cm²,40x40 root/10cm²,48x48 root/10cm².

1. weaving density tolerance.

Weaving weaving density density tolerance refers to a given standard or reduce the number of flat wire.

2. weave mass per unit area.

Woven fabric weight per unit area is expressed as number of grammage, is woven of an important technical indicators. Grammage mainly depends on the density and thickness of flat, grammage impact tensile strength of woven fabric, load carrying capacity, grammage is manufacturers controlled a major part of the cost.

3. the woven fabric tensile load.

Tensile load is also known as tensile strength and tensile strength. Woven Booker bear and zonal tensile loads in both directions, it said, zonal tensile load.