What Will Be The Future Of The Woven Bag Market?

It is reported that the Asia-Pacific region woven bag market has become the backbone of the regional industrial demand, and behind the dominant, is China and abroad. China is the leading boss, foreign is a leader. Foreign woven bag market is only about 1/10 of China, woven bags market will have any future direction?


Foreign has three major automotive, electronics and home needs. The automobile industry accounts for 25% of the total national income, is a pillar industry abroad, in recent years has maintained a good growth trend. The electronics industry is expected to bring considerable profits to the woven bag market, as people began to realize the circuit and the sensor and other electronic components of the importance of packaging, and constantly stimulate the electronics industry, the demand for woven bags. The growth of national disposable income in foreign countries and the transformation of lifestyle have brought about good for the home industry. Overall, the three major foreign industries are for the woven bags to create high-quality development environment.


With the adoption of the GST bill, foreign countries will eventually end up with a variety of different tax system brought about by the "economic separatist" state, and ultimately the formation of a 1.24 billion population of a unified consumer market, a complete unified tax system of the economy.


The outside world often likes to take foreign and Chinese comparison, with the BRIC countries, but also with the most potential of the developing countries. So, who is the main force of the future market?


China's woven bag industry in the wave of financial crisis contrarian growth, but in the moment "new normal" gradually tired. Stable development to eliminate the "potential", and will be in such a long-term state. With the increasing supply of waste woven bag enterprises in China to expand production capacity, China's basic needs of the woven bag to meet. From January to August 2016 China's import and export data, the number of imports of woven bags of raw materials decreased significantly, while the number of exports increased slightly. In terms of China's exports to foreign countries, the expansion of large, aggregated MDI, January-August cumulative growth of 34.7%; AA, January-August cumulative growth of 20.7%; TDI, January-August cumulative growth of 86.9 %. It can be seen that the demand for woven bags in foreign markets Sheng.


Foreign woven bag market is only about 1/10 of China, despite the proportion of view, still far apart, but its growth is very alarming. Similarly, this also provides space for future expansion and continued growth in the supply of used woven bags. Although China's economic slowdown, the growth rate of the woven bag market is not gratifying, but the transfer of commercial trade to foreign countries is only a guess, foreign demand for good does not mean that it can replace China's short position.


Foreign demand for woven bags, but also with China as labor-intensive countries, which makes the supply of waste woven bag enterprises to predict, GST bill after the import duty by the high mark marked, foreign countries will not gradually evolve into a manufacturing power? Or continue to import to maintain a balance between supply and demand?


If China and foreign woven bags market compared to two glasses of water, China is a cup of water is about to be filled, while the foreign cup only a little water. Supply of waste woven bag business really want to think about is to fill their own foreign water, or the Chinese water into the foreign cup.

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