What is FIBC TON bag?

These bags are made of thick polyethylene or polypropylene design for transporting and storing dry or flowdable products. FIBC bags are also known as bulk bags, jumbo bags, big bags, space bags, etc., with two or four forklift, ideal for better assembling, loading, handling or lifing.

It's ideal to shipment bulk powder and granular materials such as fertilizer, salt, cement, chemical, among others. FIBC bags are the most  flexible transport method and widely used in food industry, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or minerals. Many companies generally use FIBC bags for transporting, warehousing and packaging products.

Polypropylene woven is the main raw material of FIBC,and our quality standars ensure the best results during its manufacture. The fabric used in our bags goes through a process or extrusion to forming a plastic film wire-shaped, where subsequently it's streched to meet its final form and be destined for industrial purposes.

Its highly durability and resistance make of these bags versatil where they could be used for flood barriers. Our bags have also Food Grade to deliver goods in the best conditions and ready to be delivered. The following are the normal FIBC types:


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