Wenzhou Xi Fa Industrial Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou xi fa Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in April 2009 (xi fa Packaging Factory was founded in October 1998), is a focus on the production of woven bags of large private enterprises, the company's main woven bags, Zhisu bags, container bags Three series of plastic packaging series, widely used in rice, flour, salt, fertilizer, feed, chemical particles, engineering plastics, coatings and other packaging areas. Company fixed staff of 510 people, 150 million yuan in fixed assets, with an annual output of 300 million woven bags, is well-known high-grade woven bag manufacturers.

The company mainly for all types of industry customers woven bags products, including: rice bags, flour bags, starch bags, salt bags, seed bags, fertilizer bags, feed bags, chemical woven bags, putty powder woven bags, engineering plastics woven bags, Paper-plastic composite bag, three composite woven bags, multi-layer paper bags, in the closure of woven bags, valve pockets, container bags, pipeline warning belt, cable winding belt.

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