The Normal Density Of Fiber Construction

PP Woven bags,  It is a kind of plastic bags, used for packaging, its raw materials are generally polyethylene, polypropylene and other chemical plastic raw materials. Knitting density refers to the number of warp and weft yarns in a 100 mm * 100 mm knitted fabric.

the normal density of fiber construction is 36*36/10cm,40*40/10cm,48*48/10cm which eauql to 9*9/square inch, 10*10/square inch,12*12/square inch.

PP flat silk knitted fabric has thicker handle, broader and harder.

HDPE flat yarn knitted fabric has soft handle, lubrication and non-compactness.

Calcium masterbatch is added to PP flat silk, which makes it feel broader. Less HDPE in PP will make it softer.

The flat yarn is narrow, flat, soft, wide, folded and rough in weaving.