The Development Of Container

Plastic woven bag in China are mainly exported to Japan, and Korea, and was developed in the Middle East, Africa, the United States and European markets. Oil and cement production, FIBC products are in great demand in the Middle East; region, almost all of its State-run oil companies mainly in the development of plastic woven products, is also a great demand for bags. African China bag quality and grades that are acceptable and, therefore, open market in Africa, there is no big problem. United States and Europe the bag quality requirements are high, China's container or do not meet their requirements.

Bag of good quality, bad, is essential. So, on FIBC products on the international market have their own stringent standards. Standards vary in focus. Japan attention to detail, Australia focusing on form EC standards focus on product performance specifications, short and sweet. United States and Europe to the bag in UV-resistant, anti-aging, safety aspects, there are strict requirements.

"Safety coefficient" is the maximum capacity and the ratio of the rated load. Mainly, packed several times, repeatedly upgrading content and whether there were anomalies, connection is broken. Similar standards, the safety set for 5-6 times. FIBC products five times times safety factor to be used safely for longer. If increasing the anti-UV additives, container applications broader, more competitive, and this is an indisputable fact.