The 21st National Production And Marketing Conference Of High Concentration Phosphate And Compound Fertilizer

       The conference on the production and marketing of domestic high-concentration phosphate and compound fertilizer, co-hosted by the China phosphate and compound Fertilizer Industry Association and the Means of production, has been successfully held for 20 years. The conference has played an active role in promoting the brand, promoting the cooperation of the industry in production and marketing, and boosting the development of agriculture. It has also become a comprehensive platform for the industry to collude ideas, pool ideas, work together and seek common development. It has been widely recognized by the industry and has become a brand event in the fertilizer and agricultural materials industry.


The 21st domestic production and marketing conference of high concentration phosphate and compound fertilizer and the 2020 China phosphate and compound fertilizer industry exhibition were held in Qingdao, Shandong Province on November 27-29,2020 as scheduled. This production and marketing will be "new opportunities in crisis, change in the opening of a new bureau" as the theme, efforts to gather the strength of the industry, overcome difficulties, meet difficulties, create a future. At this meeting, we see: Fertilizer people and fertilizer packaging enterprises forge ahead, unity and dedication of the spirit, which inspires the industry win-win pride and sense of mission.

Wenzhou Xifa Industrial Co. , Ltd. has the honor to be one of the active members, in the exhibition, we continue to provide with professional quality packaging consulting , after the exhibition to provide high-quality packaging products and after-sales service to new and old customers.