RNZ NPK Soluble Fertilizer

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Business Highlight:
RNZ INTERNATIONAL FZE, a Dubai registered company is an asset based supplier of Water soluble fertilizers to the Indian sub-continent, Middle East & Africa. It has been operating since year 2005 and supplements to the ongoing business of RNZ Group.

In terms of supplies, RNZ has its fully owned NPK water soluble state-of-the-art blending facility in Dubai, UAE with a capacity of 36,000tpa. These blends which are fully customized as per farmer needs are made from finest raw materials sourced from world-wide.

RNZ has longterm marketing agreements with world wide partners for various products like Urea, MAP, MKP, Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Sulphate, Zinc-Manganese-Magnesium Sulphates, NPKs (various customized grades), EDTA Acid, EDTAs (single/multi micronutrients), Sulphur Bentonite etc. 

Besides Indian market, RNZ has been able to establish itself in the Middle East & Africa with selective accounts. In addition to supplying raw materials to various NPK producers in the region, it also services the needs of finished products. 

RNZ is your reliable partner in the region for best quality agro inputs. Contact us today for your requirements of various 100% water soluble NPK grades.