PP Woven Bag

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PP Woven Bag

The PP woven bags, also named as woven polypropylene bags, PP bags, the material is virgin polypropylene resin. This product is nontoxic, tasteless, moisture proof, anti-static, anti-UV, anti-aging,and so on. These packaging bags are widely used in starch, flour, citric acid, constructionmaterials, cement, fertilizer, salt, MSG, dextrose, maltodextrin, corn glutenmeal, and other granular materials. The chemical properties are very stable,qualities are reliable, colors are beautiful, printings also very excellent,they are ideal packaging solutions for commodity protection and beautifying.

25KG Rice Bag-1


1. The woven bag has strong tensile strength and impact resistance and is relatively durable;

2. The woven bag also has chemical properties such as corrosion resistance and insect resistance, and is suitable for packaging various solid products;

3. The woven bag has good anti-slip property and long service life, and is used in some harsh environments;

4. The woven bag has good air permeability and is suitable for those products that need to be dissipated;

5. Woven bags are suitable for a wide range of applications, but they cannot be used on fine powdered and highly active products.

50KG UREA Bag-1


1. There is a certain gap between the warp and weft of the woven bag, and when it is subjected to external force, the warp and weft braided lines will move, and the puncture resistance is poor;

2. If there is no inner film inside, the packaged articles are easy to get wet, and the moisture and moisture resistance is not good, which is not conducive to protecting the packaged goods;

3. Low temperature impact resistance, easy to age, but can be overcome by modification and addition of antioxidants;

4. The woven bag is easy to slip, and it is easy to collapse when palletizing.

5. If the woven bag is made of recycled materials, its quality is unstable, there are many impurities, and the tensile strength and toughness are average. Therefore, when purchasing a woven bag, you must pay attention to see if you use new or recycled materials.