Plastic Bags

Plastic bags can be divided into material according to OPP, CPP, PP, PE, PVA, EVA, composite bags, co-extruded bags.

   CPP: non-toxic, can be composite, transparent than PE good, slightly less hardness. Soft texture, with PP transparency, PE softness.
   PP: Hardness is lower than OPP, can be stretched (two-way stretch) pull into a triangle, bottom seal or side seal
   PE: formalin, transparency somewhat less
   PVA: soft, transparent, is a new environmentally friendly materials, water melting, raw materials imported from Japan, the price is expensive, more widely used in foreign countries
   OPP: good transparency, hardness
   Composite bag: seal strength of prison, can be printed, the ink will not fall off
   Coextrusion bags: good transparency, soft texture, can be printed