How To Customize Bags Of Woven Polypropylene?

How to customize bags of woven polypropylene?

1. Is this a new project or an existing one?
2. What are you trying to do?
3. What are you packaging? (grain, beans, chemicals, etc)
4. How many pounds or kilograms do you want/require?
5. What size do you need?
6. Do you want coated (water resistant) or uncoated (breathable)?
7. What features do you need?

7.1 Insert handle
7.2 Insert tag
7.3 PP gusset
7.4 Paper gusset
7.5 Hemmed top
7.6 Easy (E-Z) open
7.7 Double bag
7.8 Insert liner
7.9 Ventilation
8. Do you want it printed or plain?
9. If printed, do you want direct printing or laminated?
10. How many do you need?
11. How soon do you need them?