Container Standards

China bags standards: implementation is GB/T10454-2000, this is modified on the old standard GB/t 10454-1989, and China container standards for the classification of FIBC structure, technical requirements and testing requirements, and so on.

This standard applies to volume (0.5-2.3) M3, load (500-3000) between kg bag.

Japan standard: JIS z1651-1988

United Kingdom standard: bs6382

Australia standard: as3668-1989

European standards: EN1898-2000 and EN277-1995

European Association of container standards: EFIBCA standard

AS3668-1989 refers to the BS6382 standard, two more similar to ENl898-2000 with EFIBCA contents are basically the same; Japan standard JISZl651-1988 pilot projects like the standard GBl0454-2000 of our bags.