Brief Introduction Of Flour Bags In The Market

Market flour flour bag is sold on the market are based on the cost savings do not affect the use of production, also produces different kinds of flour sacks. Flour sacks as the name suggests the market instead of the usual flour sacks for flour, but on the market the General haze of white bags, of course specifications is also varied, from 24 wide and 84 wide. Silk of density also not as, has 16 buckle of, has 18 buckle of, also has 14 buckle of, common of width has 24, and 28 wide, and 32 wide, and 35 wide, and 48 wide, and 50 wide, and 55 wide, and 60 wide, and 65 wide, and 70 wide, and 73 wide, and 75 wide, and 80 wide, and 81 wide, and 82 wide, and 83 wide, and 84 wide. Of course, these bags are mainly used for granular [2] things, for relatively fine powder-like stuff.

Also market flour bags of grams heavy also many, from square 48 grams to square 75 grams ranging, now market of flour bags, has fog white, also has half through, General,, regardless of from pull also is from density, material quality,, half through of are than fog white of good, certainly cost also high, General of fog white bags in 9500-10500 each tons, and half through of General in 11300-13000 Zhijian, because half through of main is new material, so price with pp particles has is big of related, usually floating compared big.