Application Range Of Bags

1. agricultural products packaging bags

Due to products resources and price problem, China annual has 6 billion article woven bags for cement packaging, accounted for bulk cement packaging of 85% above. with flexible set loaded bags of development application, plastic woven set loaded loaded bags widely for sea, traffic transport packaging industrial and agricultural products, in agricultural packaging in the, plastic woven bags has widely for water products packaging, poultry class feed packaging, farms of cover material, crop planting of shade, wind, anti-hail shed, material. Common products: bags, chemical feed bags, PuTTY powder bags, urea bags, mesh bags, mesh bags of fruit and vegetables, and so on.

2. food packaging bags

Rice, flour and other food packaging gradually weave bag. Common woven bags: bags, rice bags, flour corn bags and other bags.

3. the tourism transportation

Tourism in the makeshift tents, umbrellas, bags, travel bags, plastic woven material application, wide range of tarpaulins covering materials for transport and storage, instead of easily rotten tarpaulin heavy cotton fabric. construction of fences, nets is also widely used in plastic woven material. Common are: logistics, logistics and packaging bags, cargo bags, cargo bags