2017 Beijing International Fair For Trade In Services

2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services

The conference includes three thematic meetings, namely, the Eighth China International Conference on water soluble fertilizers and exhibitions, the second global Symposium on special fertilizers, and the Tenth International Forum on Sustainable / controlled release fertilizer industry development. Among them, the "slow / controlled release fertilizer" and "water soluble fertilizer" conference has been successfully held for the 9 and 7 sessions, and it is well received by the industry. Hot seminar is held in accordance with the development of hot spots in the industry, and in 2017, it will involve biological stimulating hormone, trace elements fertilizer, microbial fertilizer, soil conditioner and so on. 2017 CNCIC global fertilizer special conference and exhibition will be "the transformation and upgrading of quality and efficiency" as the theme, aims to enhance the level of technological innovation in the world within the scope of the special fertilizer, share research results, exchange of experience in application, innovation and development, the world outstanding special fertilizer world advanced irrigation experience and other issues.

The guests will attend the event from Hongkong, Chinese China, China: Taiwan, the United States, Belgium, Chile, Israel, Australia, Belarus, Italy, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Austria, Nepal, India, South Korea, Germany, Egypt, France, Iran, Morocco, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland Holland, Thailand, and Vietnam, more than 30 countries and regions, the general assembly has become one of the international special fertilizer large current event. mutually

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