The dimension of rice bag

5kg        30*45     

10kg      35*55     

20kg      45*70

25kg      45*75

50kg      95*55

Rice packaging bags have the functions of mildew prevention, insect prevention, quality preservation and transportation. This is precisely because rice is not protected by rice hull as rice does, so rice needs the protection of rice packaging bags.

Rice packaging bags are generally hemp bags, cloth bags, plastic woven bags, but hemp bags, cloth bags because of great air permeability, can not protect rice very well.

So these two materials are seldom used in rice packaging. At present, there are many materials for rice packaging, such as plastic woven bags made of plastic film, composite plastic bags made of composite materials.

Composite plastic bags are made of high barrier materials such as EVOH, PVDC, PET, PA, PE, PP and so on. The rice bags made of this material have the characteristics of moisture-proof, mildew-proof and insect-proof. In addition, the printed patterns and trademarks on the rice bags will be obvious, and the words and barcodes will be clearly visible, which will be easier to attract and promote sales.