The difference between OPP laminated bag and without lamination bag

First,the big difference between the OPP laminated woven bag and without lamination bag is the print effect. Generally for OPP laminated bag, the print is done on the OPP film and it can be printed into any color you need. It's called gravure print. Then laminated the film with the pp fabric together.For  without laminated bag, the print is done directly on the PP fabric and it only can have 3-5 colors at most. 

Second, from the view,the gravure print bag will look more beautiful and higher level. But after high tempreture lamination, the tensile strength will not be as good as normal print bag. 

Third, the gravure print will not fade cause it's printed inside of the OPP film. But for offset print, it's easily come off after long transportation or long time stock.