The Aging Problems For PP Woven Bags

The storage environment of pp woven bags is very important.

PP woven bags in the natural environment that is in direct sunlight conditions, its intensity will be reduced by 25% after a week, and will be reduced by 40% after two weeks, basically can not be used. That is to say, the storage of pp woven bags is very important.

In addition, after packing cement into the pp woven bags in the open environment under direct sunlight, the intensity will be declined sharply. During the storage and transportation, the temperature is too high (container transportation) or it is exposed to rain, which will lead to the reduction of its strength, thus failing to meet the quality requirements of protecting the contents.Therefore, the transport and storage conditions of pp woven bags are also very important.

PP Woven bags should be kept in a cool and clean indoor storage, avoid the sun and rain during transportation, and avoid close to the heat source. The storage period should not exceed 18 months.In fact, the pp woven bags may be aging after 18 months, so we should shorten the validity of pp woven bags, should be 12 months.