The advantages of woven bags

For the woven bags application, it has a lot of advantages.

First of all, the good barrier property. This includes gas barrier and water vapor barrier, we can choose different kinds of barrier packaging according to the requirements of different items.

The Second is Reinforcer. In order to improve the mechanical strength of woven bag products, to add fiber materials are also known as Reinforcer. In fact, reinforcer is also a kind of filler, the most commonly used reinforcer is glass fiber, synthetic fiber, hemp fiber etc.

The Third is Stainer. It makes the woven bags colorful , or that has special optical properties, is also called Stainer. The stainer not only brightens the product, but sometimes improves the weather resistance of the woven bag.

The fourth is High Polymer. It is by artificial synthesis of high molecular compounds known as synthetic resin, also called high polymer. Synthetic resin is the main component of woven bag, it plays a role of cementing in the woven bag.