T-bag design principles

Bag designed to strictly implement the GB/T10454-2000 standard. FIBC as export packing, make sure you export cargo loading and unloading, transport and storage processes effective protection of loading the goods in, well the goods to the destination. Therefore, bag design must meet four key points, namely, security, storage, use, seal.

1. Security

Mainly refers to the intensity of the bag. Design packaging volume, storage of weight and the number of packing units, also the transport distance and number of the movement, what means of transport and means of transport. GB/T10454-2000 big bag in national standards, strict rules of FIBC fabric strap specifications and requirements, from a security point of view, clear container structures for hanging at the end of the structure. Safety factor of 1.8 per cent.

2. custody

Should be according to the conditions of use, the rational selection of materials, reasonable matching. Anti-ageing plastic products to sunlight is more concerned about the problem is often encountered in actual use, the bag problem. Anti-UV agent used during the production process and the selection of materials.