Recyclability of woven bags

Today talk about the recyclability of plastic woven bags: plastic woven bags are widely used today, including food packaging, chemical packaging, transportation, and as raw materials for dam construction. As a result, there are countless plastic woven bags discarded every day, so how can we take into account the carrying capacity of the environment while being convenient to use, and avoid environmental pollution? This requires sustainable development.

Plastic woven bags are recyclable and are items that can be recycled. The recycled plastic woven bags must first be cleaned to remove all kinds of residual dust, and then remove various magazines, such as metal, paper, cotton thread, etc. The cleaned plastic woven bag can be crushed directly, or crushed first, then cleaned to remove the magazine. The crushed and cleaned plastic can be granulated after a little drying treatment.

Therefore, after you use the woven bag, remember not to throw it away because it has a renewable value.