PP (Polypropylene) Valve bags

Valve pockets, commonly known as bottom-pasting bags, are currently internationally popular packaging bags. They feed from the top or bottom valve ports and use special filling equipment. After filling materials, they are packed into cubes. They are neat and beautiful and belong to environmental protection bags.

Valve pocket has the characteristics of improving packaging efficiency, convenient transportation, strong firmness and low breakage rate.

Valve pockets can be divided into upper opening pockets, lower opening pockets and upper and lower opening pockets according to the opening.

Valve pockets can be divided into: PP valve pockets, PE valve pockets, paper-plastic composite valve pockets, kraft paper valve pockets and multi-layer kraft paper valve pockets.

Valve pockets are mainly used for packaging powder or granular solid materials such as food powder, chemical powder, fertilizer, synthetic materials, explosives, grain, salt, minerals and other flexible articles. It is especially suitable for export enterprises and can improve the packaging grade of products.

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