Plastic packaging bag

Plastic packaging bags are widely used in various kinds of packaging, and their materials can be divided into OPP, CPP, PP, PE, PVA, EVA, composite bags, co-extrusion bags, etc.The most commonly used materials are OPP and pe. The transparency of OPP bag is good, but its flexibility is poor, it is easy to burst, and the printing adhesion on the bag is good. PE bag has good flexibility, not easy to burst, but low transparency, poor print adhesion on the bag body.To introduce the advantages and disadvantages of PE and OPP Bags in detail:

Opp plastic bags:

OPP film has higher tensile strength, stiffness, transparency, gloss, printing performance and so on than ordinary PP film.Opp is a directional stretching polypropylene film with high transparency and brittleness. It is made of OPP sheet, which is folded on the side side and sticks self-adhesive seals on the open tongue. When used, it is easy to fold the tongue after tearing off the protective skin on the surface of the seals. It is generally used in color printing, offset printing, bright and beautiful color, and is widely used in clothing and food. Printing, stationery, cosmetics, paper and other industries. It can also print various patterns and punch butterfly and aircraft holes according to customers'needs.

Characteristic: Hard, unchanged after pulling. Non-stretchable (bi-directional pulling) single piece folding, edge sealing welding, the longest length can not exceed 640m/m

Advantages: Good transparency.

Disadvantage: The seals on both sides are easy to tear.

PE plastic bags:

PE is a thermoplastic resin prepared by polymerization of ethylene. Polyethylene is odorless, non-toxic, waxy-like, has excellent low temperature resistance (the lowest operating temperature can reach - 70 ~100 C), good stability, and can resist the erosion of most acids and alkalis, but polyethylene is very sensitive to environmental stress and poor heat aging resistance.

Characteristics: Formalin, slightly less transparent.

HDPE: High density low pressure polyethylene, crisp handle, mostly used for vest bags.

LDPE: Low density high pressure polyethylene, soft handle.