Performance characteristics of t-bag


1, container loading capacity between 0.5-3T, volume between 500-2300L, 3:1,5:1,6:1 design mechanisms according to user needs. 2, according to the content of goods into bulk bags and packed cargo container two categories, for one-time use and working capital to use.

3, container shape into round, rectangular and u-three. 4, lifting the structure has a hanging type, side hung and hanging at the end of type, usually have access to the material.


Application type: reusable/disposable

Shape: square/rectangular/

Elevated mode: top end of crane/crane/crane into the discharge port: there is no inlet inlet/(Grand opening/tarpaulin) outlet: outlet/no outlet

Material: polypropylene (PP)

Loaded weight: 0.3-2 tons