Introduction to valve bags

Valve bag features

Valve bag has increase packaging efficiency, convenient transportation, firm of strong, low breakage rate.

Valve bag categories

Valve bags can be classified by material: pp valve bags, PE valve bags, paper/plastic valve bags, kraft paper valve bags and multi-layer kraft paper valve bags. PP valve bags are made of polypropylene woven fabric on the valve or the valve opening, and PP woven bag can increase packaging efficiency than General; PE valve Pocket is by polyethylene woven cloth valve mouth and into; paper plastic composite valve Pocket is to plastic woven bags (referred to cloth) for base material, by flow extended method composite Hou made of (cloth/film composite for II one, cloth/film/paper composite for three-in-one); Kraft valve pocket of material main is Kraft, which Kraft and is divided into imports Kraft and domestic Kraft two species.

Valve bags can be classified by the opening: the opening valve pocket on, open the valve bag, open the valve bag.

Application of valve bags

Valve bags are mainly used for packaging of food powders, chemical powders, fertilizers, synthetic materials, explosives, food, salt, minerals and other powdered or granular solid material and flexible materials. Especially for export-oriented enterprises, can improve the grade of product packaging.