Eight side sealed bag for petfood packing

Wenzhou Xifa industrial Co., Ltd. build a new production line on Eight side sealed bag for petfood packing. Welcome customer or visitors who interested in these High stand PE petfood bag to enquire from us.

The eight edge sealing bag is a kind of composite bag, which is named according to its shape. The eight edge sealing bag, as the name implies, is a new bag type rising in recent two years, which can also be called "flat bottom bag, square bottom bag, organ zipper bag", etc. At present, many famous e-commerce brands are using this type of bag. There are three typical squirrels, Loulan honeyed words, Qilixiang and octagon sealed bags, which are popular with consumers because of their good three-dimensional feeling, relatively high-end appearance, high-end atmosphere.

Eight advantages of eight side sealed bags

1. Stable standing, good for shelf display, deeply attracting consumers' attention;

2. There are eight printing pages in total, sufficient to describe the sales of products or language products, and global sales products are promoted for use. More complete product information display;

3. Because the bottom of the bag is flat and open, and the bag is placed horizontally, the bottom is a good display panel;

4. Octagonal seal stands upright, which is conducive to the display of brand softness;

5. Flexible packaging composite technology, the material changes in many ways, according to the thickness of the material, water and oxygen barrier, metal effect and even printing effect, the benefits are greater than a single box change;

6. The eight side zipper bag is equipped with a reusable zipper. Consumers can reopen and close the zipper, and the box can't compete;

7. Unique appearance, beware of counterfeiting, easy identification by consumers, conducive to brand building;

8、 It can be printed in many colors, and the appearance of the product is exquisite, which has a strong promotional effect