Considerations for bag

Container loading and unloading operation points for attention

1, do not stand in the lifting underneath the bag.

2, please hang the hood on strap or sling the central parts, do not tilt hanging, one side hanging or stay hanging bag.

3, not friction with other items in the job, hooking or impact bag.

4, not to side reverse pull straps outward.

5, bag when using a forklift operation, please do not contact or make a fork into the bag to prevent puncture bag.

6, handling in the workshop, try to use trays, avoid using the hood bag, shaking side handle.

7, loading, unloading and stacking are to keep the bag upright.

8, do not hold container upright.

9, do not drag a bag on the floor or on concrete.

10, last resort in an outdoor storage, container should be placed on the shelf, and must be sealed with opaque canopy of cloth to cover the bag.

11, after the container with paper or opaque canopy of cloth bags, deposited in a ventilated place.