1KG food stand-up bag with zip lock

Products are based on customer specifications, materials, quantity and other different custom, quoted, specific custom 

Product name: self-sealing bag material: PET / AL / Pe, PET / VMPET / PE (customizable) 

Size: (customizable) bag 

type: self-sealing bag 

use: dry goods packaging, leisure food packaging. 

Core features: 1, good sealing, shading waterproof moisture-proof, preservation of incense fresh. SELF-SEALING ZIPPER design, can be opened repeatedly, easy to save. 3,100,000 class dust-free production environment, 100% ketone-free benzol ink production, perfect quality control system is your authority of continuous quality assurance. Printing: The company uses 9-12 color high-speed computer, computer printing machine printing, ensure the precision of color register, the effect comparable to digital photos. Services: BAG SHAPE, thickness, size and appearance can be based on our experience, experience for customers to design, to provide you with personalized services